Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite Music

Music is a very important thing to me, and has helped me grow to be the person I am today. It has gotten me up and dancing in good times, and acts as a consoling friend in bad times.
I don't necessarily have a favorite type of music I listen to, though I usually listen to pop and alternative music. Most of the music I listen to isn't much of the popular stuff, but I do listen to some bigger artists like Adele and Alicia Keys.

One of my favorite television shows is The Voice, a singing competition/reality show. I love to listen to the contestant's music, and though watching, I've found some of my favorite artists. Above is a cover of "Love Is Blindness" sung by the phenomenal Madi Davis. She does mostly cover music, however she has some original music as well.

Another artist I discovered from The Voice is Melanie Martinez, and she makes alternative electropop music. Her first album, Cry Baby, was released last summer, and I've been listening non-stop! Above I've linked a clean version of her song, Cry Baby. Her music is different and unique, so sorry if you aren't fond of it.

My final artist I'll share about is one of my favorites, Sam Smith. (He wasn't on The Voice.) He's sings soulful pop music, and many have called him "the male Adele." I discovered him a couple of years ago when he popped up on the radio, and I immediately fell in love with his voice! Above I linked his song, "Writings on the Wall," and I believe he won an award for that.

What kind of music do you guys like to listen to?

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