Saturday, February 11, 2017

Favorite Movie!

The promotional poster for the movie.
Most of us have a favorite film that we could watch a million times & never get bored of it, the one we recommend to all our friends and sometimes even our acquaintances! Well, that movie for me would be The Way He Looks. Also, slight spoilers ahead. (In case you don't know what a spoiler is, it's when you learn things about a movie or book before you view it, & it ends up 'spoiling' the events of the story. It's like if someone told you that a character is going to die in a book you're reading.)
The Way He Looks is a 2014 Brazilian romantic drama directed by Daniel Ribeiro. The movie follows the character, Leo, a blind teenager who feels frustrated with being overprotected by those around him. Whether it's his mother refusing to let him do anything alone, or his best friend, Giovana, not allowing him to stand up for himself. He wishes to have a more independent life, despite the struggles he faces due to his blindness; He even contemplates entering an exchange program, in hopes of a fresh start. Leo also desires a first kiss, but he believes that no one would ever consider dating the blind kid.
Leo's world takes a turn when the new student, Gabriel, arrives in school. Gabriel, Leo, & Giovana become fast friends, however Gabriel clearly takes a preference in Leo (This causes some jealously & some drama later on). Leo & Gabriel become really close friends, but Leo starts to feel very strong feelings for Gabriel.
A scene from the movie.
Overall, I'd say this is a fantastic movie, and I dare say that it is my favorite. I think you'd like The Way He Looks if you like those coming-of-age movies or romance/drama movies. In conclusion, I find The Way He Looks to be a hidden gem, & I hope that you all check it out!

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